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    1 HSE17M002 A Capacitor Voltage Balancing Method for a Modular Multilevel DC Transformer for DC Distribution Sys POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    2 HSE17M003 A Fixed-Frequency Bidirectional Resonant DC-DC Converter Suitable for Wide Voltage Gain Range POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    3 HSE17M004 A High Step-up Ratio Soft-Switching DC-DC Converter for Interconnection of MVDC and HVDC Grids POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    4 HSE17M005 A High-Efficiency Hybrid Resonant Converter with Wide-Input Regulation for Photovoltaic Applications POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    5 HSE17M006 A Modular Multilevel HVDC Buck-Boost Converter Derived from its Switched-Mode Counterpart POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    6 HSE17M007 A New Buck-Boost Converter with Low Voltage Stress and Reduced Conducting Components POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    7 HSE17M008 A New Negative Output Buck-Boost Converter with Wide Conversion Ratio POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    8 HSE17M009 A New Single-Phase Switched-Coupled-Inductor DC-AC Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    9 HSE17M010 A Novel Method Based on Self-Power Supply Control for Balancing Capacitor Static Voltage in MMC POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    10 HSE17M011 A Sensorless Power Reserve Control Strategy for Two-Stage Grid-Connected PV Systems POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    11 HSE17M013 A Single Phase AC/DC/AC Converter with Unified Ripple Power Decoupling POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    12 HSE17M014 A Three-Phase Active Rectifier Topology for Bipolar DC Distribution POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    13 HSE17M015 A Voltage Regulator for Power Quality Improvement in Low-Voltage Distribution Grids POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    14 HSE17M016 Active Damping Scheme for Leakage Current Reduction in Transformerless Three-phase Grid connected PV POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    15 HSE17M017 Active Power Decoupling for Submodules of Modular Multilevel Converter POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    16 HSE17M018 An Impedance Networks Boost Converter with High-voltage Gain POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    17 HSE17M019 An Improved DC-Link Voltage Control Strategy for Grid Connected Converters POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    18 HSE17M020 An Overlap-Time Compensation Method for Current-Source Space-Vector PWM Inverters POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    19 HSE17M021 Analysis and Design of a Novel High-Step-Up DC/DC Converter with Coupled Inductors POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    20 HSE17M022 Analysis and Design of a Single-Stage Isolated AC-DC LED Driver with a Voltage Doubler Rectifier POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    21 HSE17M023 Analysis of a Novel Zero-Voltage-Switching Bidirectional DC/DC Converter for Energy Storage System POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    22 HSE17M024 Cascaded High Voltage Conversion Ratio Bidirectional Non-isolated DC-DC Converter with Variable Swit POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    23 HSE17M025 Control Strategy for Modular Multilevel Converters with Redundant Sub-Modules Using Energy Reallocat POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    24 HSE17M026 Current Ripple Mechanism with Quantization in Digital LLC Converters for Battery Charging Applicatio POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    25 HSE17M028 Design and Analysis of a Novel ZVZCT Boost Converter with Coupling Effect POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    26 HSE17M029 Single Stage Solar PV Fed Brushless DC Motor Driven Water Pump POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    27 HSE17M030 An Efficiency Comparison of Fuel-Cell Hybrid Systems Based on the Versatile Buck-Boost Converter POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    28 HSE17M031 Enhanced Automatic-Power-Decoupling Control Method for Single-Phase AC-to-DC Converters POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    29 HSE17M032 Enhanced Power Line Communication Strategy for DC Microgrids Using Switching Frequency Modulation of POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    30 HSE17M033 Fault Prognosis for Power Electronics Systems Using Adaptive Parameter Identification POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    31 HSE17M034 Feedback Linearization Based Current Control Strategy for Modular Multilevel Converters POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    32 HSE17M035 Grid Voltage Estimation and Current Control of Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converter without Grid Vo POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    33 HSE17M036 High Performance Three-phase PWM Converter with Reduced DC-Link Capacitor under Unbalanced AC Voltage Conditions POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    34 HSE17M037 High Step-up DC-DC Converter with Minimum Output Voltage Ripple POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    35 HSE17M038 Hybrid Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters Derived from a Passive Switched-Capacitor Cell POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    36 HSE17M039 Hybrid-Bridge-Based DAB Converter with Voltage Match Control for Wide Voltage Conversion Gain Applic POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    37 HSE17M040 Improved Design Optimization for High-Efficiency Matching Networks POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    38 HSE17M041 Injected Grid Current Quality Improvement for Voltage-Controlled Grid-Connected Inverter POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    39 HSE17M042 Leakage Current Mitigation in Photovoltaic String Inverter Using Predictive Control with Fixed Avera POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    40 HSE17M043 Modeling and Decoupled Control of a Buck-Boost and Stacked Dual Half-Bridge Integrated Bidirectional POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    41 HSE17M044 Non-Isolated Single-Inductor DC/DC Converter with Fully Reconfigurable Structure for Renewable Energ POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    42 HSE17M045 On the Redundancy Strategies of Modular Multilevel Converters POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    43 HSE17M046 Optimized Design of Full-Bridge Modular Multilevel Converter with Low Energy Storage Requirements fo POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    44 HSE17M047 Performance Evaluation of the Single-Phase Split-Source Inverter Using an Alternative DC-AC Configur POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    45 HSE17M048 Power Management for a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid with Multiple Subgrids POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    46 HSE17M049 Propagation of AC Background Harmonics in MMC HVDC Multi-Terminal Systems due to Resonances and Miti POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    47 HSE17M050 Quasi Cascaded H-Bridge Five-Level Boost Inverter POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    48 HSE17M051 Reduced State Observer Based Feedback Control System Design of a Two-Staged AC-DC Converter POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    49 HSE17M052 Simplified Small-Signal Model for Output Voltage Control of Asymmetric Cascaded HBridge Multilevel I POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    50 HSE17M053 Single Discharge Control for Single-Inductor Multiple-Output DC-DC Buck Converters POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    51 HSE17M054 Transient Analysis of Three Phase High Power Voltage Source Inverter with Nonlinearities in Hybrid E POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    52 HSE17M055 Current Sensorless Control for DualActiveBridge DC-DC Converter with EstimatedLoadCurrent Feedforwar POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB
    53 HSE17M056 A Computationally Efficient Optimization Approach for Battery Systems in Islanded Microgrid POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    54 HSE17M057 A Decentralized Optimal Operation of AC/DC Hybrid Distribution Grids POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    55 HSE17M058 A Fuzzy Logic Approach by using Particle Swarm Optimization for Effective Energy Management in IWSNs POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    56 HSE17M059 A Microgrid Multilayer Control Concept for Optimal Power Scheduling and Voltage Control POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    57 HSE17M061 A Robustness-Oriented Power Grid Operation Strategy Considering Attacks POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    58 HSE17M062 A Simplified Branch and Bound Approach for Model Predictive Control of Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    59 HSE17M063 A Statistical Model for Hourly Large-Scale Wind and Photovoltaic Generation in New Locations POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    60 HSE17M064 A Unified Control and Power Management Scheme for PV-Battery-Based Hybrid Microgrids for Both Grid-C POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    61 HSE17M065 Adaptive Dynamic Programming-Based Optimal Control Scheme for Energy Storage Systems with Solar Rene POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    62 HSE17M066 Managing Demand for Plug-in Electric Vehicles in Unbalanced LV Systems with Photo-Voltaics POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    63 HSE17M067 Residential Demand Response for Renewable Energy Resources in Smart Grid Systems POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    64 HSE17M068 An Improved Transformer Winding Tap Injection DSTATCOM Topology for Medium-Voltage Reactive Power Co POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    65 HSE17M069 Artificial Neural Network for Control and Grid Integration of Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    66 HSE17M070 Distributed Assistive Control of Power Buffers in DC Microgrids POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    67 HSE17M071 Distributed Multi -Agent System Based Load Frequency Control for Multi- Area Power System in Smart G POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    68 HSE17M072 Evaluation of DC Collector-Grid Configurations for Large Photovoltaic Parks POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    69 HSE17M073 Autonomous Operation of a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid with Multiple Interlinking Converters POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    70 HSE17M074 Coordinated Supervisory Control of Multi-Terminal HVDC Grids: A Model Predictive Control Approach POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    71 HSE17M075 Cost Effective Grid-Connected Inverter for a Micro Combined Heat and Power System POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    72 HSE17M076 DC-DC MMC for HVDC Grid Interface of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Conversion Systems POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    73 HSE17M077 High Efficiency Bidirectional Grid-Tied Converter using Single Power Conversion with High Quality Grid Current POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    74 HSE17M078 High-Fidelity Model Order Reduction for Microgrids Stability Assessment POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    75 HSE17M079 Impedance Emulation for Voltage Harmonic Compensation in PWM Stand-Alone Inverters POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    76 HSE17M080 Integration of Large Photovoltaic and Wind System by Means of Smart Transformer POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    77 HSE17M081 Line-to-Line Fault Detection for Photovoltaic Arrays Based on Multi-resolution Signal Decomposition POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    78 HSE17M082 Maximum Power Point Tracking Strategy for a New Wind Power System and Its Design Details POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    79 HSE17M083 Modulation Technique for Single-Phase Transformerless Photovoltaic Inverters with Reactive Power Cap POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    80 HSE17M084 New Perspectives on Droop Control in AC Microgrid POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    81 HSE17M085 Novel Cascaded Switched-diode Multilevel Inverter for Renewable Energy Integration POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    82 HSE17M086 On Resonances and Harmonics in HVDCMMC Station Connected to AC grid POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    83 HSE17M089 Robust Model Predictive Control for Photovoltaic Inverter System with Grid Fault Ride-Through Capabi POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    84 HSE17M090 A Transformerless High-Voltage DC-DC Converter for DC grid Interconnection POWER SYSTEMS MATLAB
    85 HSE17M001 A Bridge Type Fault Current Limiter for Energy Management of AC/DC Microgrids POWER ELECTRONICS MATLAB